Retail Goods


Coffees by the 1/2 Pound and Pound

All our Evening Star Coffee is available for purchase by the half pound and pound. Whole bean or freshly ground! That's for you to decide! $6.00 Half Pound/$12.00 Whole Pound

1872 Cafe Coffee Mugs

Our signature ceramic mugs are available for purchase! Comes in 3 sizes: Espresso,  12oz, 16oz. ($3, $6, $9 Respectfully)

Soup by the Quart

Looking for our soup of the day to share with a friend or feeling super hungry? We can do soup by the quart! $12! (Must give 24 hour notice for all soup by the quart!)

Sal's Birdland Signature Sauces

We proudly serve Sal's Birdland Sauces on our wings! Want some extra sauce to take home? We have bottles of Sal's Sassy Mild, Sal's Sassy Hot, Sal's BBQ, Sal's Sweet Relish, and Sal's Jamaican Sauces! $3.50 each!

Bagels by the Dozen

We proudly serve Soho Bagels! Need a dozen for the family? or for the office? We got you covered! Must place order 24 hours in advance! Prices may vary.

Fee Brother's Coffee Syrups

We proudly use local Fee Brother's syrups with all our coffee drinks! Want to make the same great tasting beverage at home? We got you covered! Prices may vary.